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Dog Rocks



Why are Dog Rocks so popular? How do they work? Are they natural?


Dog Rocks are an all natural product of Australia. When placed in your dogs water bowl they help stop those nasty burn patches on your lawn which are caused by your loving pet going to the loo. The Dog Rocks contain all natural minerlas, no chemicals and are straight from the earth.

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Antlers - A dog's treat!!



The natural ‘toothbrush’ for dogs, made of deer antler: 100% pure, sustainable and a true product of nature. No additives, irresistible, healthy and rich in minerals, to keep your dogs teeth clean, healthy and strong.

Dogs naturally have a strong need to chew on something. They do this because it is the only way they to keep their teeth clean in a natural way. In nature, wolves and other canidae, after a meal, chew on the skin and bones of their prey.

Also during mastication endorphins are produced in the brains, these endorphins provide a sense of calm that relaxes your dog.

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Why choose a Viv Exotic Vivarium?



When choosing a vivarium there are a number of points to consider . Among these factors are size, material and cost. The most important factor of those three is the size/suitability. Different reptiles require different needs and the size of vivarium certainly comes under one of the most important needs. This doesn't only mean the width or floor space, but also the height. Some reptiles such as a Yemeni Chameleon require an arboreal set up , which means that it will need to be in an environment where it can climb. One of the many positives about Viv Exotic vivariums is that they come in all the sizes you could possibly need. So whether you have a Leopard Gecko who needs a relatively small floor space or a skink who needs an abundance of space, Viv Exotic vivariums will fit the bill.

Listed below is more information on the vivs which Viv Exotic offer, including guidance on sealing your viv and points on ventilation.

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Choosing the right dog for you



You can narrow down to just 2 groups the people that want a dog. Firstly, there are those who want to breed and show dogs and secondly those who want a new member of the family. Depending which category you fall in to will depend on what you decide and the way you go about choosing a dog.

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