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Reptile Care Guides

Welcome to our Reptile Care Guides.

Compared to cats and dogs, reptile keeping is a relatively new hobby. There is still a lot that industry professionals and experts are learning about keeping reptiles in captivity. You will read many different opinions on many different websites and some of the practices when keeping reptiles as pets is down to personal preference. However, there are a number of aspects and rules that should be adhered to without fail.

You will be able to read information and expand your knowledge on a range of reptiles ranging from snakes to frogs and bearded dragons to skinks.

Each reptile will require different environments which includes humidity, temperature and substrates. We aim to give you a comprehensive guide as to how to care for your reptile and how to best set up the vivarium.

To get the most enjoyment from keeping reptiles it is essential that you re-create an environment in the vivarium as close to the one that they would experience in the wild. By doing so the reptile will thrive and you will get a fascinating insight into the natural instincts and behaviour of the creature.

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