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Supapet offers a huge range of reptile products; vivariums, substrates, accessories, live food, frozen food, heating, lighting, treatments, supplements and vitamins.


We are also able to offer good advice from general reptile keeping and handling techniques to tips on when you have a snake who is a tricky feeder.


Did you know we have livestock from trusted and reputable breeders at our Allenton Store?


Our reptile list offers a variety of animals. In the past we have had reptiles including viper geckos, royal pythons, bearded dragons, chameleons, tortoises, tarantulas, boas, leopard geckos, tokay geckos, crested geckos, fire bellied toads, axolotls and whites tree frogs amongst others.


With brands such as Exo Terra, Komodo, Zoo Med and Habistat, you are sure to be comfortable knowing you are buying the highest quality products.


If you have any queires or questions don't hesitate to get in contact via the website, telephone, email or pop into one of our shops.

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