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Wild Bird

Thanks to programmes, such as Countryfile and Spring Watch, people have become more aware of the need to support our wildlife. As a result we have seen the demand for bird and wildlife feed increase.


We cater for all garden wildlife, including, birds, hedgehogs, bugs and squirrels.


Not only do we offer seed mixes, but we also have a wide range of feeders available. These include squirrel proof bird feeders, fat ball holders, suet block holders and mealworm feeders to name just a few.


Click here to find out more information on the seeds we have to offer. We price all of our seeds very competitively and continue to monitor prices.


Don't forget that we provide a local delivery service; whether you want to order a sack or just a couple of kilos, we can deliver it straight to your door.


Get in touch via the contact us page, telephone one of our stores or email 


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