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Your new Supapet website...

Hi everyone,

Thank you for visiting the new Supapet website and having a look around the blog. This is just a brief post to let you know that we're back and to run through the differences between our new website and the old one.

As you have probably noticed, the main difference is that you aren't able to checkout with our new site. This was a conscious decision after considering a number of factors. In particular, we want this site to serve a number of purposes.

> we want this site to be more interactive and encourage people to share their thoughts with us and let us know about your pets

- you can do this via the website or social media; facebook, twitter and instagram

> you can still order online; simply send us your shopping list and we'll get in contact with you to give our best deal, whether that's for collection or delivery

> we also want the website and our social media pages to be a point of reference and information on pets, such as care sheets and other guides

> the blog section of the website is to act as a light hearted area where you can read articles written by us and others covering a range of pet and animal related topics . If you want to send us pictures and stories about your pets then please do and send them to us via our email -

We want the website to cater for everyone and be interesting for people to read, useful for people to visit and be an easy point of contact. We want you to contribute to the content on all platforms and enjoy the articles which we put up so if you want to give any feedback or contribute to our blog

then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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