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Reptile delivery on its way! (Woop woop!!)

We're taking delivery of new reptiles next Thursday. (always an exciting day!!)

We've got a Yemanese Chameleon, Horsefield Tortoise, Leopard Geckos, Golden Flying Tree Frogs and a Royal Python due in. Possibly a couple of other creatures if I see something I like! Shhhhh, don't tell the boss though...

We've not had a Chameleon in for nearly a year!! They are a customer favourite and the kids love coming into the shop to see them, especially when they are feeding. When the film 'Rango' was released everyone knew straight away that it was a Chameleon in the vivarium sitting on top of the hanging vine. We don't always like to name our animals so that we don't get too attached to them but when we have a Chameleon we make an exception. So far we've had; Hugo, Charlie and Clarence. Liz, who works at the Allenton shop is naming the new Chameleon so if you pop in you'll be sure to see what she decided on. (hopefully something good, I've already vetoed 'Brian' - not that there is anything wrong with the name 'Brian' before anyone emails me with a complaint - it's just that I think she can do better!)

We also do reptiles to order where possible, so if you are looking for a specific reptile pop in to the shop and let us know. We'll always try to help and be accommodating.

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